Sunday, March 10, 2013

Harmony PCG ~ Pony Card Game!

Howdy, folks! Night Breeze here.

I suppose you're coming from the Youtube video. If not, check it out!

Anyway, I present to you Harmony PCG, a pony card game based on "WHIS", from Tales of Eternia.
There's not much to say (that haven't been already said in the video, at least!), and my eyes are closing because it's past 6am already here in Argentina, so I just hope you have fun end enjoy it!

Here is the magical download link:

And thanks a lot for your interest, friends!
Until the next time!


  1. Hey guys! I've played this game the entire night without realizing it. It's incredibly fun for a card game! I didn't even expect it!

    One thing I must ask is for some kind of online multiplayer option. I'm not sure how feasible that is for you folks, but that would be absolutely fantastic and make the game 20% cooler. Let me know.

    1. Wow, thank you very much for the support, pal!
      The multiplayer feature would be really cool, but my programming knowledge is far behind that point, so there are no plans to do it for now.

      Thank you hugely for taking the time to play, though! I really appreciate the support.

    2. Alright then! If guys ever want any sort of help or feedback, lemme know!

      And as far as taking the time to play it, I think it's the other way around XD The game took my time and made it fun. The little conversations are absolutely adorable and spot on (Even the 4th wall breach with one of Twilight's lines :P). You made an already great game into something even better.

      And I'm sorry for seeming like a total fanatic, I just wanted to say that :P Keep it up!

    3. Bahahaha, yes, it seems you got Twilight's special line! :P
      Anyway, thanks a lot pal. The support is really appreciated!

  2. Hi! I absolutely love this game, I've been playing it since it came out 8D It's really fun, even if I still haven't got the hang of it xD
    I do have a small request, though - I'd love to print the cards out so I could make this into a physical card game and play with my friends. Is there any way you could post the images? I don't need high quality or anything ^_^;; I understand if you don't though!
    I'm not sure how you can make this game more fun! :D

    1. Oh, absolutely! That'd be wonderful. Thanks a lot for the support!
      I uploaded the card designs to MediaFire. Here is the link:

      Please, if you do print the cards, take some photos to show me! :)
      I'm really glad you liked the game ^^ Have fun!

  3. Downloading now. I LOVE card games.

    I bet this'll be awesome!

  4. Where do you play that game?!?!?!?!

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  6. Found out about this via an LP on YouTube. I'm not usually a really big fan of card games but this is awesome.

    Nice work! :)

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  8. Best game ever! very addicting

    Come second on my first try but got beat by applejack damn!

    I love the conversations during the game and the music
    gives a great feel to it

    I especially love it when twilight asks if spike wants to have a go and spike decides to go to bed and everyone says goodnight

    Thank you so much for making this brilliant game

    Ill beat applejack next time :D

  9. Hi!
    It's a really great game! With the ponys talking, I somehow feel that I'm playing with them~

    Though, I'd like to know if it's possible to go back to the menu after we know the winner? Because, well, it's just a teeny-tiny bit annoying to restart the game every time ^^'
    Especially since I keep losing... *sigh*

    Well thanks anyway for this great game! ^^ I think I'll try to print the card too =3

    1. Thank you very much, mate!
      There's not really a way to go back to the main menu, but you can restart the game simply by pressing F5, which is almost the same thing.