Friday, January 31, 2014

Battle Royale: Forward to the Past

Here's a new game, from a not-so-new member.

Battle Royale: Forward to the Past is a 2D physics based deathmatch that currently supports only local multiplayer and singleplayer vs AI, but the next major update, hopefully in a matter of weeks, will add online multiplayer as an option.

Each player has 3 attacks to choose from and the key bindings can be configured in the options screen. Also in the options screen you can switch between multiplayer and singleplayer modes. There's also the "debug" mode, that might help you learn to navigate in space and aim using gravity to your advantage, without worrying about HP and MP.

While FttP is a complete game, with four different endings (namely the 2 multiplayer ends that only show who won, the game over screen, and the victory sequence at the end of the AI mode), it's still a very short game that could use a lot of improvement, so I hope to hear some feedback from you! Should I work on multiplayer, or extend the single player mode? How do you feel about the game's difficulty? I'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions.

The game can be downloaded here:
windows | mac | linux | universal

All versions require Java 1.6 or later.
The universal package is slightly larger and to run it you may need to configure Java to run executable .jar files, but it should work on any desktop system.
Android support might come after online multiplayer is implemented.

This game is a part of My Little Gamedev Marathon. Check out other awesome (and not so awesome) games from this event and the previous one!

High time to introduce myself

Hi everypony!

I'm known as Xinef, and I've been a member of Silly Mare Games for quite a while, mostly giving Night Breeze feedback and suggestions about Nightfall, since I was too busy at that time to work on my own projects.

But now, since my first game, Battle Royale: Forward to the Past, is ready and published, I've decided to introduce myself.

If you are wondering who I am and why does it matter, my results for the Pony Personality Test may give you a hint, what to expect from my games.

I'm a novice indie game developer from Poland, mostly interested in genres such as strategy, RPG and simulation. Right now I'm working on 2D games, but in the future you'll see some 3D games too, since that's my specialty. I also draw a lot of inspiration from older games, since I'm a bit of an old school gamer.

Anyway, when I'm not developing games, I try my hand at 2D/3D art, pencil sketches, or playing tabletop role playing games like Roleplaying is Magic. Or I'm watching ponies. Or listening to symponic metal. Or training ninjitsu with Fluttershy, but more on that later.

Games that I draw inspiration from include Heroes of Might and Magic series (II is my favorite), 4X games, such as Civilization and Master of Magic, the X-Com series, Neverwinter Nights, Diablo 2, Starcraft Broodwar, Fallout 1 & 2, Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital, Stronghold, Tropico, Final Fantasy I through VI and FF Tactics, Settlers (II and III mostly), The Sims, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress. Also free remakes of some of those games and games inspired by them, such as Freeciv and UFO:AI. As for MMOs the only one that I'm still sometimes playing is Dungeons&Dragons Online.

For now, I'll keep working on Forward to the Past, adding features such as online multiplayer, android support, difficulty levels for AI mode, more ponies to choose from etc. Once FttP is mostly done, I'll return to my older project, a physics based 2D game with Luna trying to navigate through space to get back from the Moon. And once that game is finished too, I think I'll begin work on 3D games with more strategy and RPG elements.

I'll also let you know that I'm not working alone. My team consists of Fluttershy, who is the team leader, myself, the main programmer, and Mruczek (a little tiger), who contributes art whenever we can't find something freely available under a permissive license. I'm always amazed by Fluttershy's freaky knowledge of game development...

She's my source of inspiration and a great team leader. And she looks cute.

You can expect more ninja ponies in the future...

Keep calm and flutter on!

Xinef ^_^

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Completed game - Luna's Letter [3D - 3'rd person - endless runner]

official trailer:

Luna's Letter is an 3D 3'rd person endless runner (or flyer) game in which you play as princess Luna flying through the equestrian night sky.
you have a message to deliver, and an evil that wont let you do it.

there are three game modes:
-normal (play the game as normal)
-arcade (get as many points before the time runs out, no enemies)
-challenge (many, many enemies. survive as long as you can).

in normal game mode, you goal is simply to get as higher score as possible and to stay alive.
you can pick up 4 different types of magical power orbs:
-blue (score)
-purple (increases you boost meter)
-green (increases you endurance meter)
-star (gain a temporary super-boost)

while playing you have two meters, boost and endurance.
you can boost by pressing [shift] and this will drain your boost meter.
if you get hit by an enemy you will loose endurance.
and if you run out of endurance, it's game over!

this game was made for the MLGD (my little game dev) 2'nd half of 2013 marathon.
all programming, art, 3d modelling and animation was done by me (Jach Marsdonpone - gaugepunk games)
All of the music featured in this game is from the album 'Princess Luna As Imagined - Not A Clever Pony'
further information is in the readme and in-game.

download links (RAR):