Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Completed game - Luna's Letter [3D - 3'rd person - endless runner]

official trailer:

Luna's Letter is an 3D 3'rd person endless runner (or flyer) game in which you play as princess Luna flying through the equestrian night sky.
you have a message to deliver, and an evil that wont let you do it.

there are three game modes:
-normal (play the game as normal)
-arcade (get as many points before the time runs out, no enemies)
-challenge (many, many enemies. survive as long as you can).

in normal game mode, you goal is simply to get as higher score as possible and to stay alive.
you can pick up 4 different types of magical power orbs:
-blue (score)
-purple (increases you boost meter)
-green (increases you endurance meter)
-star (gain a temporary super-boost)

while playing you have two meters, boost and endurance.
you can boost by pressing [shift] and this will drain your boost meter.
if you get hit by an enemy you will loose endurance.
and if you run out of endurance, it's game over!

this game was made for the MLGD (my little game dev) 2'nd half of 2013 marathon.
all programming, art, 3d modelling and animation was done by me (Jach Marsdonpone - gaugepunk games)
All of the music featured in this game is from the album 'Princess Luna As Imagined - Not A Clever Pony'
further information is in the readme and in-game.

download links (RAR):