Friday, December 20, 2013

An introduction for Jach

Looks like it's time to introduce myself.
I'm known as Jach Marsdonpone, and I'm a new member of this group.

I work mainly with 3D games, most recently in unity. Before that I used the blender game engine.
I've made a few games in the past, some that people might have heard of being:

-'Luna Wander', the moon simulator staring Luna.
-'The Unknown', the survival horror in the land of ice ponies.
-'A world you should not know', the equestria girls grunge horror.

All of which were made in the BGE, but ive now moved on to use unity3D and the c# language.
In terms of myself, I mainly like programming, art and the cartoons MLP-FIM (well of course) and Ruby Gloom. As well as game developing, I do a bit of digital art, although I'm very, very new to that and need some real practice. For the record, my favourite video game of all time is Red dead redemption, followed by a large gap, then fallout 3, borderlands and bioshock.

At the moment I've got several games I'm working on:

-No guns in canterlot, the pony FPS,  the BIG one that seems to have the most attention.
-Luna's letter, which is for the MLGD marathon, and is in fact finished, just not yet released.
-Pegasus velocity, a roll-around 3D platformer staring derpy in a bubble.

Soon enough I'll sort out some links in the 'games' section of the blog for my past games, and there I'll try to post about progress as often as possible, which actually won't be very often...

Anyway, that seems to be all, I'll try to sort out some more information in the next few days!


oh, and here are some links: