Terve! We're Silly Mare Games.

Silly Mare Games is an open non-profitable group/society of individual game programmers from the brony fandom. What do I mean when I say "open group/society of individual game programmers"?
I mean each one of us works individually in their own projects. Of course, we may get some help from one another, and yes, it doesn't mean we can't do some projects non-individually either, anything is possible!
The main idea of the group is to collect and compile all the information about our pony games, and to help out each other under a big same name: Silly Mare Games. Nevertheless, rights and credit are applicable only to the programmers involved in each specific project, and not to the entire group.

Anyway, that's mainly it. We'll keep the blog updated about current and new projects, as well as link you to the latest downloadable/playable versions in the 'Games' section.

Feel free to comment, share your opinions and share this blog with anyone you please. :)
See you around!

Our games are not related to Hasbro or DHX Media in any way. They're completely fan-made.