Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nightfall First Beta Release!

Soooooo, after a whole day of debugging, I finally am glad to share with you guys the first (beta) release of Nightfall. I'm feeling dizzy because of the lack of sleep! So I better go to bed already. Anyway, check the game out! I hope you guys enjoy this first beta, and remember, suggestions and opinions are encouraged!

Mystical and magical download link of kitties and fluffy ponies: check out the Games section.

Check out the video if you haven't already!

- To avoid gameplay problems, DO NOT alt+tab/change window focus WHILE PERFORMING ACTIONS (moving, building, etc.). It is better to do so when the game is paused.
- The game takes its time when generating a new world. Please be patient, as it may take up to 1 or 2 minutes in slower computers. You can do other stuff meanwhile, it doesn't matter if the window loses focus. On the other hand, loading is instantaneous.
- Currently, this beta lets you play until Night 10. After that, there are no more enemies.
- Be sure to read the 'Readme' file that comes with the game to learn the basics and controls.

Cheers folks, and stay tuned for updates!


  1. Gonna download it now, seems like a pretty cool game :) (btw, I'm from Argentina too, hi there! :P)

  2. I really liked playing this! Just finished it to day 12 (silly me didn't know it ended after day 10), and it was bloody good fun! I did find it a bit easy though, as the enemies barely did any damage, so I never even got close to dying (except for this one time when I wanted to see if there was a ground level :p). I played as Fluttershy, so I guess the flying might have made it a little easier. I was confused a bit about what to do, but after reading the readme after night one I got along fine. The shop remained a bit of a mystery to me though, until I could actually place one down. On a sidenote, I don't think you have to give the player 10 shops, 1 or 2 should be fine in my opinion.
    Also, I had a question. What's up with the one block I found that started shooting me?

    In the end, it was a pleasure to try out, and I will give it another shot with a different pony so I can see if there is a big difference in playstyle.

    My regards,

    1. Thanks A LOT for not only trying the game out, but also finishing it AND giviming me feedback. I really appreciate it!

      Anyway, I was just thinking about that, maybe I should make the enemies a little bit stronger. But take in mind that these are only the 10 first nights and the enemies ARE supposed to be pretty weak- and also take in mind that one of Fluttershy's special features is that enemies attack much less frequently. Still, I'll think about it, so thank a lot for the feedback.

      The reason you get 10 shops is because the have really low HP and if enemies break your structures, you don't get them back. Still, maybe 10 is indeed too much. I'll think about it!

      There is indeed block that shoot at you -if you attack them-. They're like special enemies that give a humongous amount of money but are really hard to kill. There's no chance to kill them at this point in the game, they're just too strong.

      Thanks A LOT for your feedback, and I'm really glad you enjoy the game.
      Brohoof! /)*(\

    2. I'm glad you found my feedback usefull :)
      I just had another playthrough with Pinkie, and that was a whole different experience! No flying means basebuilding takes on a whole different level, and the increased difficulty felt good. Both times (Flutter & Pinkie) I managed to kill the last boss with the use of those timestopper coins or whatever they are, but the first boss kept being too hard for me. Also, the last achievement is quite unobtainable at this point, because the enemies never manage to destroy 250 building in the first 10 nights. I guess this might come into play when the game will be longer (though I did buy the 'heal 100 health on everything' option quite often, as it is just incredibly usefull if you want to use the same area/base multiple nights in a row.

      Oh and I just wanted to say that I can't really think of another game in this genre (2d builder tower defence). I know of a game called Sanctum which also uses tower defence/shooter action, but that's in 3d. Though it might be a small niche, I think this game might be the first to fill it, and I'm loving it :D

      Keep on rocking, I'll be waiting for the first update!

      Ps. Brohoof! /)*(\

    3. Thanks again for all your feedback and support. I took in mind all the feedback you all gave me, made some big changes and uploaded a new version of the game. You're welcome to check it out, if you'd like! :)

    4. @echodonut

      You mentioned the tower defense/action genre - there's actually a number of games of this kind. Dungeon Defenders is a noteworthy modern one, while there are older examples such as the Dungeon Keeper series. In Dungeon Keeper you mostly use units and traps to protect your Dungeon Heart, but it is possible to possess one of the creatures or later in the game to summon your avatar, so it becomes an FPP game. Anyway, games like this usually have few sandbox features so Nightfall is still quite unique in that regard.

  3. Fort Rainbow Dash!

    1. Holy buck, that's AWESOME! /)*(\

    2. Fort Sweet Apple Acres!

      Cheaper, but has more trees and effectively uses dirt for protection :)

    3. My super fast flying ability makes it really easy to grab resources from across the entire map quickly.

      Rainbow Dash is easy mode.

  4. I discovered something interesting.

    The Mother Tree is invulnerable; it cannot be destroyed. Enemy shots do not travel through it (though mine do). Like all trees, it also repels any enemies caught in it. Therefore, if I stand directly below the Mother Tree, on its trunk, then I am more-or-less invulnerable; no-one can shoot me.

    If I place some towers so that they shoot down on the enemies crowding around the top of the tree, then they don't shoot the towers; they're too busy shooting down at me. The towers, meanwhile, do shoot at them. (I just need to leave gaps so no-one gets trapped behind the towers).

    I'm pretty sure that this is not the intention. Might I suggest that enemy shots be permitted to travel through the Mother Tree, as though through air?

    1. I was just thinking about that as well, and decided that shots should be able to travel through trees from now on, 3 out of 4 times. Thank you hugely for the feedback, I'll work on it!

  5. I just have a few questions:

    1. Is there more to the game than surviving?

    2. Who are the bosses going to be?

    3. Why is Derpy in the game, is she unlockable?

    4. Can you put more mobs than changelings and parasprites, like cocatrice or griffon mobs?

    5. will Trixie, Luna, the CMC, or other Bg ponies besides derpy be playable?

    6. can you decide what type of biome you can play as (the frozen north could be fun)?

    7. Is there going to be a storyline?

    8. Can some of the bosses confuse the player's pony?

    9. Will the first bosses be the easiest and the final bosses be the hardest?

    10. Can Pinkie have the "pinkie sense" ability, and can the creative mode be more creative (spawning animals and enemies)?

    11. Can you add more of the mane 6's pets and spike to help you in the game?

    12. How do you build and use the store?

    Answer when you can!

    1. Thanks for your questions, pal! I'll reply them in order:

      1. The main objective of the game is to survive, just like in any other tower defense game. Nonetheless, the game itself is pretty open-ended, giving you the possibility to build your strategy in a lot of different ways and play in any way you want. So, for now, the achievements/unlockables, constant increase in difficulty, and gameplay freedom are the game's basic ideas. I'm open to suggestions, though!

      2. Can't really tell you, for two reasons:
      First, I haven't planned ALL of the bosses yet. And second, it'd ruin the surprise!
      Although I'm pretty sure it's no big mystery the fact that Chrysalis is going to appear later on in the game, but I have some others planned as well. Right now, the first two bosses are a Red Changeling, and a Shadowbolt.

      3. Derpy is a secret character, pretty easily unlockable. Can't really tell any more about it, it's supposed to be a secret! :P

      4. Indeed I will, but they will show up slowly into the game. For now, changelings, parasprites and shadowbolts are what you can see. Griffons will appear shortly after the second boss (haven't decided in which night yet, though).

      5. Not really, I think the mane six characters are more than enough. Derpy is just a (very overpowered) extra I included for fun, but I don't plan to add any more. Not for now, at least.

      6. That'd be fun, but it could lead to some problems, and it would require a HUGE amount of time for me to implement it- I don't think it'd be worth it. I'll think about it, though.

      7. Nope! Sorry.

      8. That's a neat idea. I'll keep it in mind!

      9. Pretty much, yes. I'm not sure it'd work if it were the other way around, right?

      10. I think Pinkie's Pinkamena mode is pretty much all she needs. I don't want the characters to be unbalanced.
      I actually had a "spawning enemies" option in the Creative Mode before release, but it just didn't work out. Nonetheless I'm thinking other ways to make the Creative Mode more "creative": to have all structures from beginning, and unlimited amounts of them. I'll probably add it for the next version!

      11. I could, but the reason why Owlowiscious is the only pet in the game is because he can fly. The movement for the other pets would be a nightmare (both to implement, and to the player). I think the freely movement Owlowiscious has is perfect for this kind of game.

      12. The Store is built as any other structure: you select a place and left-click. You must have unlocked it first, though (check the Achievements Screen, the Store is the 2nd box from RIGHT to LEFT), and you must have 50% energy (but I'll make it 25% in the next version).
      When the Store is built, go near it and press Enter. That's it!

      Thank you for your questions, and I hope it was helpful! Thanks a lot for the suggestions as well, I really appreciate it.