Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nightfall BIG Updates (v1.67b)!

Hello there, folks!

So, the first beta of Nightfall was released a few days ago, and I think it went pretty good. Lots of people tried it out, and many of you gave me extremely helpful feedback, which helps me to make a better game for you all.

And actually, that's the reason for this post. I've updated the game a few times already, yep, but THIS update is quite big and I thought it deserved another post, as I changed plenty of stuff. I may keep updating the game if I think it's needed, and update this post as well (unless it's a BIG update, for which I'd make a new post entirely).

The complete changelogs (from v1.50b onwards) include:
- Enemies rebalanced.
- Player's attacks no longer damage friendly structures.
- 'Overall Endurance' upgrade (affects both structures HP and the player's energy).
- Trees no longer repel enemies, and only some of their attacks.
- It's now possible to replace structures you've collected without unlocking them.
- Enhanced flying system (and flying now costs energy).
- Wider building range.
- Longer days and shorter nights.
- Lower energy cost for stores.
- Changed 'enable/disable audio' key to F3.
- Changed 'enable/disable trees' key to F5.
- Added 'enable/disable particles' function (F6) to improve performance.
- Creative mode now features unlimited structures.
- Other minor changes and bug fixes.
- Added lives system.
- Added difficulty system (easy mode).
- Added GUI buttons to access the menues.
- Yellow power-up doesn't stun bosses anymore.
- Added red power-up, which kills all common enemies nearby.
- Other minor changes and bug fixes.
- Flying costs less energy.
- Pegasi can now double jump too.

The game still has only 10 nights for now, though, but they're much more fun to play than before.
So, anyway, go and check it out! You can find the download link in the Games section.

Thanks for your time, guys, and I hope you enjoy it! And remember, feedback is very appreciated.


  1. This is the best Beta version of the game yet! I hope the next one will be even better! Here are soome suggestions for the game:

    1. New Bosses!
    a. Boss 3 could be Trixie

    2. Hard mode: More enemies, expensive store prices, and long nights! (For hardcore players, hoping for a challenge).

    3.Will Luna be in the game as an unlockable?

    4. Maybe some bosses (The Equestrian god of chaos and Nightmare moon for example) be able to temporarily freeze time at will? It could take a while for them to recharge

    5. Confusion could make it hard for the player to move, making them vulnerable to any attack.

    6. Armor and weapons could be available at the shop.

    Hope you like the suggestions!


    1. Hard Mode is an option, but I'll look after it later on. For now, Normal Mode is alright I think. I have to work on a Tutorial as well and that will take some time!
      I don't have plans on adding any more characters, nope. As I said before, even Derpy was just a fun overpowered extra.
      The freezing time feature could be nice, I'll consider it! And yep, I already had the movement-change idea for confusion, it will be awesome.
      I don't really like the armor/weapon idea for this specific game. It just isn't the idea of the game, to have equipment and the like.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Hey guys, I'm back with more reviewy stuff!

    I just had some time to check out the latest beta build, and I gotta say, this game has gotten quite a bit harder!
    I tried playing with Rarity, but I failed terribly. Admittedly, I did fall off the world a few times, but then again, that was caused by the hordes of enemies destroying my platforms. I wasn't able to maintain any semblence of a health pool, and therefore couldn't plant any more trees or turrets after a while. Soon after I was done. Afterwards I tried again with AJ, which was a great deal easier because she's all about health regen, which I needed direly. The trees might need a bit of a boost (fruit spawntime wise), as with Rarity I waited an entire day near 4 trees, only to regain about half of my health bar. Enemy power seems fine, though I haven't really faced a boss yet. Rarity needs a bit of a power up in my opinion, unless I was playing her all wrong.
    Being able to place turrets you can't use yet was very usefull to me, as well as the expanded reach.

    I guess that's all for now. This was all on normal mode by the way, for a fair comparison with the previous build (though the game is a lot harder now, so perhaps easymode as it is now could be closer to beta version 1.07).
    Hope this helps! If there is anything specific you want more feedback on, let me know and I'll check it out :)

    1. Thanks buddy! I'm indeed already looking into the difficulty. The amount of enemies is what makes it so hard, so I'm lowering the spawn rate down, and boosting the fruit spawn rate.

      I worked all night last night in a tutorial, and it's coming quite nicely. Lots of new features are planned for the next release, and I love to keep receiving so much feedback. Thank you!