Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nightfall 2nd Beta Release is here!

Hello there!
First of all, thank you guys for all the feedback. All your opinions (and support as well!) really helps me a lot in the development of this game, and I'd like to thank you all for that.

Anyway! After many nights of hard work, I'm glad to bring you the second 'Beta Release' of Nightfall, fully equipped with potato power.

Seriously, this new update is FULL of stuff, so I encourage you to check it out. Immediately.

These are the main highlights of this new release (v2.33b), as seen in the changelog file:
- Added mercenary system (booyah!).
- Added tutorial (more booyah!).
- Added 10 more nights (new enemies, bosses, etc.): up to night 20 (and even more booyah!).
- Added 'Options' menu.
- Added structure control panel.
- Lesser enemy spawn rate (so it's not incredibly hard to play without getting a Game Over just at Night 3).
- Bonus money per night is now increasingly progressive.
- Lower price for some structures in store.
- Added Spacebar to drop to the ground while flying.
- Added sky-blue power-up, which reduces damage received.
- Added AZERTY keyboard support (F2).
- Decreased Wave Tower's attack power.

Anyway, go check it out! The download link is in the Games section, as usual.
Thanks for your time and support, guys, and let me know what you think!


  1. Hey, I really love this game, it's addicting! however, the wave's should be nerfed since i found it extremely easy to kill enemies by leading them through a tunnel of them.

    1. Thanks bud, I'll keep it in mind!
      By the way, your username is awesome.

    2. Actually this is my google acount username, my real username is SolidSpy24. I will admit applejack is the easiest player to play as X3

  2. Hello,
    This game looks cool, but I can't play it because I have an AZERTY keyboard. Would it be possible to edit the controls to use the arrows instead ?

    1. To be able to let the players edit the controls is actually really complicated because of the engine I'm working on, but I'll add direct AZERTY support for the next update (ZQSD instead of WASD, etc.). Thanks for the suggestion, I completely didn't realize it before!

    2. Nice, thanks for your work ;)

    3. I just updated the game, and it now features AZERTY keyboard support. You can enable in-game from the options menu, or pressing the F2 key.
      Thanks for your time, and enjoy!

  3. Just make it possible to edit the controls would fix that Anony

  4. I always wonder what the treasure chests are for...

  5. Replies
    1. Have you tried out the tutorial yet? It's the little book icon in the character selection screen. Let me know how it goes!

  6. I like this game. I haven't tried the second version much yet, but I think it's good that gameplay became more difficult.

    But I've played two times the first version until Night 10. At the second time I've unlocked all achievements and defeated both bosses without death, playing with Pinkie Pie. It was rather hard to get 250 blocks destroyed, but I could do it, and I enjoyed playing.

    There was some bugs in the game, at least one of them is in the second version: left and right side are not equal in rights. If you stay on some block, and there are blocks to the left and to the right from you, you can build or collect blocks further to the left, but cannot - to the right. Also it seemed to me that enemies prefer to destroy the blocks from the right side, but here I can be wrong.

    What I didn't like in the game. I think the seed cost too much (I don't know how much does it cost in this version, I hope that less). Freeze is too strong bonus, it's much easier to finish the night without big losses with it than without. IMHO it should be nerfed, for example, enemies cannot move, but can shoot, or the number of freezes near the pony should be fixed for each night. I tried to play with Twilight in the second version, and I was always defeated at Night 1 or had very small energy and a lot of destroyed blocks after this night, except one time, when I've got two freezes: then I have Owlowiscious with me, nine lifes and rather good position. Also characters are a bit disbalanced: I think Applejack should be nerfed, but may be I won't think so after I play this version. And I haven't unlocked Derpy :(

    Also I didn't like some moments in the game economics, but I prefer not to write about them until I'll finish the second version.

    Could you tell me what does a blue circle do? I haven't noticed any effect.

    P.S. I'm from Russia, sorry for mistakes in my English.

    1. Thanks a lot for the support and feedback, friend!

      I'm aware of that left-building bug, but I wasn't able to figure out how to fix it yet. I don't worry about it too much though, since it's just a small detail, but I'll get to it and try to fix it as soon as I can.

      The seed cost is lower in the second beta, and I may indeed reduce the yellow power-up drop rate. Thank you for the suggestion!
      I find it strange that you were defeated in Night 1, as enemies spawn rate is very low. I may have to nerf them a little, then!

      And, concerning AJ... I'd really appreciate if you could play with her and then tell me if she really is overpowered. Her energy regeneration rate is very slow, so I don't know if it really makes her a disbalanced chacater. I'll have to take a look at it!

      Also, in the new version, each pick-up you get tells you the effect it has on the player.

      Anyway, thank you hugely for all the feedback, and thanks a lot for playing as well!

    2. >>I find it strange that you were defeated [I meant I lose a life] in Night 1, as enemies spawn rate is very low.

      Maybe their spawn rate is low, but it seemed to me that power of their shot is much more than in the first beta release (In the first beta I can stay out of the fortress, and they didn't kill, there they kill very fast, even if I jump an run all the time; also they destroy my 2-layer fortress very fast, my energy finishes because of rebuilding destroyed blocks). Also they spawn in a different way. I noticed several times that there are some periods of time, where enemies doesn't spawn at all (or I don't see it), then they come in a big group and I with my 2 towers do not have time to kill them.

      Also it seemed that apples grows slowly [I played with enabled trees], I just don't restore my energy in a day (or it takes almost all day). That's a cause I think AJ is strong (Also you can defend much more longer with AJ, rebuilding destroyed blocks.). Maybe it's because I began to play further from the Mothertree. I still don't understand how apples are growing - it seems to me if the tree is far then they grow very slowly, but if it rather close, then they grow faster. And I didn't remember that I found apples on the new found tree.

      However, to survive two nights without losing a life was rather difficult problem for me in the normal mode; I've already done it (with Twilight), but I have feeling, that I couldn't done it if I didn't get 3 freezes and 1 destroyer-all-enemies. I think it can be hard mode, but not normal.

      I can reload a lot of times, so reducing the yellow power-up drop rate doesn't help; only if all drops of bonus will be defined at the beginning of the game and saved with the saving of the game, it will have effect.

    3. Also I'd like to talk about game strategy, may be I'm playing wrong and that's why it seems very hard not to lose lifes at first nights. Now 1% of energy is near 10-20 HP (I don't know exact number). But if I build a dirt block, these 10-20 HP become 250 HP, so there is no point in running and shoot in changelings, the best thing you can do is to build fortress (with towers in it), go inside it and rebuild destroyed blocks during the night. The best height for the fortress is 6 - 2 under you, 2 above you and 2 for you. Then you can rebuild any block in your fortress.
      The best form of the fortress is a rectangle, because of the ricochets of the enemies' shots - a rectanle is the only form, where one shot makes single damage in any place of the fortress. The length of the rectangle must be near 12 blocks, I think, if it is too big, there will be a lot of spawns inside it, if it is too small, you can't recede by building new blocks.
      If I keep this strategy, I will buy new towers, towers power and total endurance at the store. The thing I want to say is that in the current version of the game there are too few differences between the strategies and gameplay of different characters; so it isn't very interesting to play with one, then with another.
      How can it be fixed?
      Now the abilities of characters are based on two things:
      1. They must be connected with their abilities in MLP:FiM.
      2. They should be balanced.
      I think the third point is necessary:
      3. Gameplay of different characters must distinctly different.
      For example:
      -Rainbow Dash should be out-of-fortress character, she should fly a lot and shoot enemies mostly by herself, and sometimes with the help of towers.
      Abilities: 1% of energy=200HP, flying costs cheap, double speed.
      -Twilight is a fortress character, the strategy is like I described upper.
      Abilities: 1% of energy=100HP, can shoot through walls.
      -Pinkie Pie stay in the fortress until Pinkamena mode, and then go outside and shoot enemies.
      Abilities: 1% of energy=100HP, if less then 25% of energy - Pinkamena mode, where shots explodes after hit and destroys enemies rather fast (and several in one moment).
      -Applejack is a fortress character with trees inside the fortress.
      Abilities: 1% of energy=50HP, constantly regenerates energy, shots cost energy, enemies don't spawn near the trees.
      -Rarity stay outside at the beginning of the night, then go inside the fortress.
      Abilities: 1% of energy=100HP, power of shot depends on energy - rather powerful if there is a lot of energy, weak if there is little energy. 20% discounts.
      -Fluttershy is a multifortress character, fortress is changing all the time. (In fact, I already can't think out something normal :), maybe you can.)
      Abilities: 1% of energy=150HP, enemies shoot more seldom, flight is not cheap, but can build blocks in flight.

    4. Enemies are indeed much stronger than in the first version. The idea of the game is to not wander outside too much in the night or you'll get killed!
      Nonetheless, I think I'll nerf the changeling's attack power, and limit the number of spawned enemies in the first nights, because as you say, when they swarm in big numbers they're really dangerous.

      Fruits don't grow *at all* if you're far from a tree, actually. This is because of lag issues, but I'll try to see if I can find a way around it.

      I think adding more variety into the game from the strategic point of view would be really nice, and it's actually what I'm looking forward to for the full release. Also, keep in mind that your energy in the game INCREASES. That's what the 'Overall Endurance' upgrade is for. It affects both your energy and your towers' HP.

      But yes, more variety between characters is a must, and I'll think about it. Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

  7. Is there a chance you could make the full version (when it comes out) playable on mac? I really wanna play this when it comes out.

    1. I'd love to, but the engine I'm using is only able to export for Windows. :(

      That is, unless somebody knows how to make a MAC port from the Windows' EXE.

    2. Ok then i'll see if my friend knows how to make a mac port because he is a genius when it comes to this and if he does i'll tell you.

    3. Ok I have managed to get the gameplay working but I cant get the sound to work and you get a lot of lag while its night time with all the enemy spawn but the gameplay works overall

    4. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up, and keep me updated!

  8. I've played both the first version and second version. The second one was much improved and I played it till night 20 where there are no more enemies using Applejack. Have a review:

    1) Gameplay
    This is something unique, with a fair mix of Minecraft and Terraria inside it. The idea to survive the night till daybreak is a good one; and I think some backstory behind it would be nice. Maybe include some story in the full version?

    - Controls
    Easy enough to get the hang of it before I was able to explore the world efficiently. No issues here.

    - Map system
    Coordinates is OK, though I think it would be easier on the casual players if you included a fadable minimap as an option. This depends if you're wanting more casual players or the more experienced gamers to play the game.

    - Enemies
    Great use of Desktop Ponies. Though, there are a limited number of antagonists in the MLP universe so I guess if you'll have to recycle and recolour them if you're making the game longer than 20 nights. Boss fights were a little challenging, though very simple. Perhaps in the full version they should get a special ability or something else to make them more challenging and unique

    - Bullets are fairly simple with particle effects. I see only minor improvements in range with upgrades. Maybe tweak the range increment with each upgrade?

    - Playable characters
    The Mane Six, yay! Let's take a quick look at each of them, in alphabetical order.
    Applejack is probably the easiest option to victory (victory defined as reaching Night 20). Her bonus is energy regeneration and the ability to make trees grow faster. This ability makes it possible for you to just collect as many common dirt blocks as possible and build a giant "wall" (for example, a 10x10 box) and then dig to the center like you're buried alive. The regeneration will keep your energy full so after placing all those blocks during the day, you'll remain at full energy when night falls. As enemies eat away at the dirt blocks, you can make a speedy escape by tunneling downwards. Then, retreat to a safer location such as the Mother Tree or a pre-made base filled with turrets and trees. Also, being able to get extra cash from fruits when your energy is already at 100% makes it very easy to buy upgrades fast.

    Her ability is being able to fly and be attacked much less often. Flying is really all that useful once you know how to double jump and place blocks efficiently. Being attacked less means that you'll be earning less cash, making upgrades slower and later levels more difficult. I'd say she's a "Hard" difficulty character to play.

    Pinkie Pie
    Gives you Pinkamena mode when 25% energy, which essentially improves your attack power. Not at all that useful during later levels when enemies eat away at your health at a faster rate.

    Rainbow Dash
    High speed flight, which isn't really useful. Perhaps the advantage is early exploration and collection of blocks, however this is offset by the higher energy requirements to place the blocks you've collected. I would think that she is the "Hardest" level of difficulty to play.

    20% discount at stores; which isn't too shabby!

    Twilight Sparkle
    Shoots through walls and faster; which is an all round useful thing to have all game.

    Upgrades / Lives
    No issues with these. I'd expect more things to see variety and stuff implemented in the full version...?

    - Needs a fullscreen option.

    - Mercenaries add a good touch of variety, though they aren't very useful.

    2) Graphics
    8 bit ponies to go with old school backgrounds and foregrounds. Nothing to complain here.

    3) Sound
    Nice tutorial music (hah!). I listen to my own music while I play so there isn't much to complain about here. If you do implement music, remember to add a mute button. Sound effects are are OK.

    1. 4) Bugs / Misc

      - I noticed a block with a treasure chest (?) and shield (?) symbol in game that isn't collectable, and fires a barrage of high damage bullets at you when attacked. I'm thinking this is an unimplemented feature, but it got me curious!

      - I was unable to buy the Seed block from stores, despite meeting the requirement of collection 250 fruits. The counter just keep on increasing till "2300 / 250 collected"

      - I would like a dev (developer) mode so I can further play with / experiment with things. In fact, I would be happy to be a beta tester for the game if you are in need of one.

      4) Replayability
      There isn't much incentive to continue playing this with another character... UNLESS!

      There is some reward at the end of it. This goes back to one single point which I believe is important for any game; this isn't gameplay: Story.

      5) Story
      There isn't one! I'd suggest to get to it.

      Overall / TL;DR:
      It's a great game with unique elements (and ponies!) which I thoroughly enjoyed playing. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the full version, and here's hoping to see some backstory to go along with great gameplay.




    2. Wow, thanks a lot for the full review and the feedback, friend! I really appreciate it.

      The idea of putting a full story into the game is actually something I don't like too much, because the original idea for the game was to be a simple *casual* game. Nonetheless, I've felt tempted to add little pieces of a story scattered around the game. I may look into it!

      I've had the minimap idea before, but wasn't sure HOW to implement it. I'm actually not sure I like the idea entirely either, as I want the world to be an unknown and disorienting place, and adding a map would just break that feeling. I'll think about it, though.

      Enemies' sprites are indeed limited, so I'll have to think about what to do regarding that. The game is planned to have 100 nights in the final version, actually.

      All upgrades are slow. I can assure you the range becomes huge in later nights, but I'll maybe extend the base range. It's just too short, I guess.

      Regarding the characters:

      I may have to nerf AJ's energy regeneration rate and/or maybe make her regeneration trigger ONLY when 80% or less energy.

      Is not that the enemy spawn rate is lower when playing as Fluttershy. The spawn rate is the same, but the enemies shoot less often.

      Regarding Pinkie, I think you may be right. Thanks for letting me notice! I'll make Pinkamena mode to make you get half the damage as well in the next version.

      Hmm, I might have to think for more features regarding Rainbow Dash indeed. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Fullscreen option is already there, friend! Press the F4 key. It only supports 4:3 aspect ratio, though.

      Why do you think Mercenaries aren't too helpful? They actually kill enemies a lot and get damage for you. If you have any suggestion, please let me know!


      Oh, yes, the Treasure Chest. It's just a small extra. If you manage to destroy one, you get 100g. There may be also an Achievement regarding that in a future version.

      That's weird, that Seed block bug isn't supposed to happen. I'll look after it. Thanks for the heads up!

      Regarding story, I MAY add different story paths for each character if I decide to implement one. OOoooh, it got me excited now!

      If you're serious about becoming a beta tester, send me an e-mail at windwarrior[at] I'd really appreciate it, but keep in mind it takes much time and patience. Are you sure?

      Anyway, thanks for all the feedback, and talk to you later!

    3. You're welcome, no worries!

      Ah, a casual game it is then! Even the simplest of story elements will add a creative touch to the game.

      I did a single complete playthrough with Applejack and find myself triggering Night after about Day 10 onwards. At that point Mercenaries weren't too useful. But, like I mentioned, they make a good variety: perhaps if I had played the game differently (with another character, a different strategy, etc.) then they'll be more useful and fun.

      I'm replaying the game with Twilight currently; will let you know if I have more suggestions!

      Thanks for the response. I'll consider about beta testing for you.


    4. Thanks pal!
      I'd like to ask, in WHICH way do you think mercenaries aren't helpful? In a "they're too weak" way (in which case, did you level them up?), or in a "I just stay inside and towers do all the killing" way?
      I't d really help me out to know!

      And another thing I'd like to ask: what do you think about difficulty? Does it need fixing or is it okay the way it is?

      Anyway, thanks a lot for support yet again!

    5. I just stay inside and let the towers do all the killing. As AJ, I just collect apples whenever energy drops; so there is no need for damage absorption. I only upgraded the merc Silverspeed to level 3 before focusing on towers.

      I think I didn't find mercs that useful because of the strategy I used.

      Now playing as Twilight, in Day 10, struggling to survive each night. Yay

    6. And I've completed the 20 night as Twilight! Even used Thunderlane and upgraded till level 5.

      OK, so they are pretty awesome when upgraded. I think it works fine.


  9. I can't figure out how to open the store once I place the block, please help

    1. Stand near the store and press the Enter key. Tell me how it goes!

    2. Worked great, thanks