Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nightfall b3 Updates!

Hey guys! Some updates here.

I've been working on Nightfall a lot more since the last update, but because October-November are the busiest months in college here where I live, I don't think I'll be able to work any more on the game until the exams are over.
So, in the meanwhile, I decided to compile the current version of the game and upload it. It's not the "Fourth Beta Release" yet, but it's a lot improved than the last version, so feel free to check it out.

Here's the changelog for this version (v3.89b):

- Collecting structures now restores half of its energy cost.
- Added air dash.
- Enemies' AI improved.
- Shadowbolts and some bosses can now stun the player/mercenaries.
- Items and structures can now be sold.
- 'Force night' option now gives some extra money in Normal mode.
- Creative mode now features double money gain.
- Light Torches now show their area of effect before being built as well.
- Shorter position cooldown for building.
- You don't lose lives anymore by falling off the map.
- Lower drop rate for power-ups.
- Added 'Game speed' option (F5).
- Game is now slightly faster by default.
- Changed 'show/hide coordinates' key to F7.
- Other minor changes and bug fixes.

As always, the download link can be found in the Games section. And by the way, I have some pretty cool ideas for the Fourth (and probably last) Beta, so stay tuned!

Thanks for your time, and have a nice day!