Tuesday, July 1, 2014

No more pony games from Jach

well then, it's been a while.

honestly over the last year in particular my interest in the show and the MLP fandom as a whole has really burnt out. it was bound to happen eventually.
I haven't been working on any pony games in the slightest since luna's letter, and i'm actually in fact now working on a commercial game. moving up in the world as it seems.
now my main goal is to work on serious games that i can use to (hopefully) get a job in the industry. and of course pony games don't really help much in that respect.

so, long story short, there won't be any more pony fandom games coming from me. now, one important thing to sort out was the game 'No Guns in Canterlot' (the pony FPS game) which seemed to have quite a bit of attention. sadly i just don't have the motivation nor time to finish that game at a satisfactory point. if i was to finish it now, it would only be rushed.

because of this i decided to let someone i know have a go at the game and take over the project. hopefully they can give the game more attention than i could have.
that person is: Dreadmaster231 http://dreadmaster231.deviantart.com/his team is called "Gunny Games Corner" and the game's future is up to him now.
his tumblr can be found here: ggcp-on.tumblr.com/

and now this marks my last connection with any pony games.
one thing i might do though is release all of the source files for every single MLP game i've made.
but that will be at a later date.

so good luck to gunny games, hopefully they do a better job with the game than i did.

if you want to know about the future non-pony games i'm making the keep an eye on my deviantArt: http://jach-marsdonpony.deviantart.com/