Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nightfall's last update

Some bad news for y'all tonight, guys.

Due to a bunch of reasons (being one of them the recent start of another, much bigger project), I'm sorry to say that SMG's Nightfall is, from now on, discontinued.

Now, don't be sad. It was fun while it lasted, and although I've decided to move on, it is not in a bad way. Nightfall was a very interesting project, and I had a lot of fun with it. I really appreciate all the support you guys gave me as well, and I welcome you all to keep playing the game as long as you find it fun; I know I will!

So anyway, I have a small, last update for you guys. It's not much, but it's my way to close this project up, at least for now (after all, who knows what the future may bring, right?). I hope you enjoy it, and my best wishes to you all!

Good ol' changelog:
- Added critical hits. Occasionally, your hits will do more damage to the enemy (combine this with high Trance, a Damage Power-up and Pinkamena Mode, and you'll be unstoppable). Only you can do critical hits, though, not your towers.
- Added 5 more nights (new enemies, boss, etc.): up to night 40. Oooh, Changeling Ghosts. You'll hate them so much.
- Fluttershy's bonus strongly buffed. Remember that totally useless character? Well, now she gets a 80% damage reduction while in mid-air. Combine that with high Endurance to lower your flying energy cost and you'll be invincible.
- Some items buffed. Spirit potions and a few linkable items are now stronger.
- Your damage to enemies is now shown in numbers. I always loved seeing damage as numbers! It only shows the damage of the latest hit, though.
- Other minor changes and bug fixes. Trance lasts slightly longer, overall performance slightly improved, etc.

Man, I'm gonna miss writing these changelogs.
But anyway, you can download the game from the list. 

Thank you guys, and have a wonderful day!

Oh and by the way, the konami code does nothing.